If Your Boss Is Unsatisfied

You cannot pleased everyone… that’s a fact!

We can never tell if those people in your work will like you or hate you.

But what if your boss doesn’t like you at all? How can you handle that situation?

Our superior have no choice sometimes but to work with you because the HR thaught that you are qualified for the job. But sometime insecurities and too much dominant comes in these boss of yours and they want to see you struggling in every task.

Is it because they see you as their competitor? Or they are thinking that you can do much better job than her so Mrs. Cruela Devil wants you out in the picture?

It doesn’t make sense when a superior doesn’t know how to appreciate others. Taking all the credit for herself if you did a great job. Then suddenly put you in a hot seat if something went wrong.

These type of people are alway unsatistied even you did a great job. But what keeps us to stay in our job despite of your inconsiderate boss always nagging you?

Your boss is so lucky to have you. Because you can understand her and you decided to stay with her all along.


Just a piece of Acknowledgement

People judge other people base on what they think is right or wrong. This man’s nature always present in our society.

In our job, our role is to provide quality output for what they are asking. Most of the time, we invest a lot of time on how we pleased them, your boss ofcourse! But have you been acknowledge before? Did they give you any piece of token of appreciation?
This acknowledgement if very important. Because, it keeps us to move forward to get motivated in our work. In that way, it builds our confidence, self esteem and for us to feel that we are part of this environment.
We need this very badly!
Just a simple word of “Good Job” is enough for us. We need someone who knows how to appreciate a small thing that we do.

In this competitive world of business everything is temporary. Most of the time, people come and go. People should know how to appreciate other people. Because we never know if this person will stay with you up to the very end.