I’m not here to compete with you.

In our work there are people who are displeased you because you are doing a spectacular performance in your job. They are thinking that you just want to be noticed by your boss.
Ofcourse we want to be noticed! We want to be complimented by our superior! Not because you wants promotion but rather you want to know if your best is enough to be recognize.
These people no matter how good in what we do, they always looking at it as a bad actions as if you are taking something from them.
Jelous people are those who doesn’t want you to get ahead. They want you to pull you down. There is no such team work in their blood stream. What they want is to see you miserable in front of your boss. They will not allow you to have the spotlight. For them, you are nothing. They are blinded people who wants attention.
But is it to hard for them to accept that everyone has a chance? They already have their chance but this time is your turn. Not everyone stays at the top. Sometimes you are at the bottom of the wheel and you need to go with the flow for you to turn this wheel and place your self at the top position.
Competition is normal in every working environment. But don’t use it as an excuse to drag anyone. We aren’t competing with you guys. If you think we’re not good enough then fine. We are not here to pleased you! We are here because we need this job.
At the end of the day, it’s my performance that they’re gonna assest not yours.