Best Mobile Game for Stressed Person

You are exhausted in your work. Tired and stressed at the same time is not healthy for us. 

Study shows that playing is one of the best way to relieve your stress. That’s why in app games is now skyracketed in the online app store. 

Here is the best mobile MOBA game for those stressed person like us. Check this Best Game for Stress People


3 Ways on How To Deal With Stress At Work

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One of the most common forms of stress is related to our work. Ordinary employee has a lot to do in their working station. Pile of documents, meeting their deadline and overloaded information are just few stressors of these employees. Well you can not blame them because that is their job and that’s the reason why you are paying for.

Losing a job can be scary. You work hard for this position. Now you are at the brink of losing it if you did not perform your best shot in those task because of the stress.

Another word for stress is tension or anxiety. When someone experiences stress, there are many different symptoms and repercussions. Depending on the level and frequency of stress, some of these symptoms can become serious and cause a myriad of problems. Stress affects people both mentally and physically.

The heart rate increases, headaches can develop, and often people become irritated much more easily. Individuals who work in high stress or dangerous jobs as well as those who are employed at a place where there is a high pressure environment are often prone to experiencing stress. Work environment, coworker relations, and customer pressures can all contribute to stress at work. Understanding how to manage, minimize, and deal with stress can help people feel more relaxed and react when stressful situations as they arise.


Here are the 3 ways on how to deal with stress at work.
1) A healthy workplace or career is one of the key to fight stress. If you feel safe or relax in your surrounding, you can think more clearly and you can perform more efficient. You should give yourself a space as well for you to breath and to relax your brain for a little bit.

2) Choosing a right companion/s is also  the best way to release your stress. Talk to them or even tell them how you feel. Don’t afraid to ask for help.  Sometime it is much better to ask for ideas to someone else outside your office to refresh your mind. Remember you can not solve it by yourself if you are stress. You need someone who can understand you and has a deep perception about your situation.

Be more active and attentive to your environment. Because you need to deal with those people around you. You should know what these people might thinking about you. In that way you can make some adjustment on how to be with them so you can easily cope up and it may help you to find a way to fight your stress at work.

Know your source of stress ASAP before its too late.

Make it better 101: Your Best Answer for “Tell me about yourself”

By: Paul Rivera

If you answer this poorly, you set yourself up to get grilled by the interviewer. You’ll be a nervous, rambling wreck,’ writes Kalibrr co-founder and CEO Paul Rivera

TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF. This seemingly simple question can make or break an interview. Illustration by Ernest Fiestan/Rappler
TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF. This seemingly simple question can make or break an interview. Illustration by Ernest Fiestan/Rappler
An earlier version of this story first appeared on Kalibrr. Visit this page for more on the ups and downs of navigating your career.
Talking about yourself should be easy, right? Who knows you better than you? However, in an interview, we don’t want to know everything about you. We don’t care about your life story – who your parents are, what they do, your religion, and where you live. Its probably the most common mistake I see people making – spending too much time talking about personal information, rather than painting a picture of their professional background and career aspirations.
If you answer this poorly, you set yourself up to get grilled by the interviewer. You’ll be a nervous, rambling wreck. We’ve seen it many times and its entirely avoidable if you’re prepared.
If you are prepared and answer this question well, then you set the tone for the interview and immediately begin the process of selling yourself to the interviewer.
And that’s what you’re doing here – you want to start the interview by essentially saying how awesome you are and why I’m the best candidate for this job.
The best way to answer this question is to make sure you cover this core theme in your answer:
How does your personal and professional background relate to you being an extremely good candidate for the position you’re interviewing for?
Any information that doesn’t make a strong case for you should be an excellent candidate isn’t important here.
A good answer shouldn’t be more than 60-90 seconds and should cover core these core points:
Where’d you go to school (and what you studied)

A very short summation of your career or background

The last job you’ve had, what that company did, key responsibilities and one important impact you made in that organization

Why you’re there interviewing for this job

Here’s what I would say if I were interviewing for a call center agent:
Hi, my name is Paul Rivera. I graduated with a Political Economy degree from UC Berkeley and have spent the last 10 years working for and starting internet startups. I’m currently the CEO at Kalibrr. Kalibrr is talent matching platform based in the Philippines with global investors like Y Combinator and Omidyar Network. My key responsibilities there include management of strategy, sales, customer success, marketing, finance and legal. I spearheaded the raising of $2 million in venture capital funding for Kalibrr in 2013, which was a record for a seed round for a Philippine startup. I’ve also directly managed product before creating a product team overseen by our COO. Though I enjoy the work I do at Kalibrr, I see a tremendous opportunity to leverage my skills and experience, especially with excellent communication ability, to be an outstanding call center agent at Accenture and that’s why I’m here interviewing with you right now.

The best thing about this interview question is you almost always will get it so practice it, rehearse it, and memorize it so you start off your interview in control and with momentum. Your answer and how well you tell your story will drive the rest of the interview. In our opinion, the better you start, the better you finish.
What if you have no professional background and just graduated from school?
Not a problem – here are the core points you should cover:
Where did you go to school

What was your course and how is that going to be useful for you for this job

Key coursework, an internship/OJT, or work experience and what they taught you

Why this company + this job to start your career?

If Paul was graduating from Jose Rizal University with an HRM degree and was interviewing for a Recruitment Assistant job at Globe, here’s what he would say:
Hi, my name is Paul Rivera and I’m a fresh graduate of Jose Rizal University. I studied Human Resources Management because I really enjoy working with people and I’m fascinated with the role of people in building and operating companies. Without the people, you don’t have a business. While in school, I was an OJT during my fourth year at Jollibee Corp where I worked with their recruitment team and helped coordinate the interview of candidates for cashier roles at Jollibee restaurants. I really understood the role and value that recruiters create and how they help ensure a company always hires the best talent. I saw an opportunity on Kalibrr to be a Recruitment Assistant at Globe and after doing my research, I saw that Globe was one of the best companies in the Philippines and I feel my experience and work ethic will make me a valuable contributor at Globe.

So there you have it – a template for you to answer the ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ question. Write this down on paper and practice it until you have it memorized and can say it without looking like you’ve memorized it. Make sure you customize it for every interview you do – so research the job and the company and really understand what they do and how you could add value to them.
Put on your best Piolo Pascual and nail that interview.
If you want Kalibrr to help you, just leave a comment and we’ll make sure you have an awesome answer to tell me about yourself. –
Paul Rivera is the co-founder and CEO of Kalibrr.


No copyright intended. Credit to the owner.

If Your Boss Is Unsatisfied

You cannot pleased everyone… that’s a fact!

We can never tell if those people in your work will like you or hate you.

But what if your boss doesn’t like you at all? How can you handle that situation?

Our superior have no choice sometimes but to work with you because the HR thaught that you are qualified for the job. But sometime insecurities and too much dominant comes in these boss of yours and they want to see you struggling in every task.

Is it because they see you as their competitor? Or they are thinking that you can do much better job than her so Mrs. Cruela Devil wants you out in the picture?

It doesn’t make sense when a superior doesn’t know how to appreciate others. Taking all the credit for herself if you did a great job. Then suddenly put you in a hot seat if something went wrong.

These type of people are alway unsatistied even you did a great job. But what keeps us to stay in our job despite of your inconsiderate boss always nagging you?

Your boss is so lucky to have you. Because you can understand her and you decided to stay with her all along.

I was there, but you didn’t know.

I was at your back when you need someone to assist you with your stuffs lying on the floor. You didn’t look at me or even say “thank you”.
I was polishing the floor when you walked in the hallway with a messy staletto. I smiled but you didn’t bother to look. I’m tired but it’s okay your my boss after all.
I was asked to give you the details of your task but you yelled at me. You said you are exhausted and no time for it. I said “sorry” but you sent me away. I’m hungry and my working hours is done but I do the favor that they ask as if it’s nothing for you.
Yesterday was my daughter’s 16th birthday. But you asked me to work untill mid night because of the VIP guest will arrive today and everything must be perfect. I finished the errands and when I went home, my daughter was lying on her bed.
I am your janitor, and I know my duties and responsibilities. I’m not asking too much from you guys but rather a little respect atleast. Maybe I’m not wearing an expensive working clothes or no idea on how to open a computer. But I’m still human. I need to stand for all of these every day. 
Maybe my work is not easy as you think. I need to finish my work as fast as I could to start another task. I’m not like you guys. But just like an ordinary employee, I have my rights. Please give me some time to prove myself that even this is the type of job that I have, Im still ra dignified man to work with.

I’m not here to compete with you.

In our work there are people who are displeased you because you are doing a spectacular performance in your job. They are thinking that you just want to be noticed by your boss.
Ofcourse we want to be noticed! We want to be complimented by our superior! Not because you wants promotion but rather you want to know if your best is enough to be recognize.
These people no matter how good in what we do, they always looking at it as a bad actions as if you are taking something from them.
Jelous people are those who doesn’t want you to get ahead. They want you to pull you down. There is no such team work in their blood stream. What they want is to see you miserable in front of your boss. They will not allow you to have the spotlight. For them, you are nothing. They are blinded people who wants attention.
But is it to hard for them to accept that everyone has a chance? They already have their chance but this time is your turn. Not everyone stays at the top. Sometimes you are at the bottom of the wheel and you need to go with the flow for you to turn this wheel and place your self at the top position.
Competition is normal in every working environment. But don’t use it as an excuse to drag anyone. We aren’t competing with you guys. If you think we’re not good enough then fine. We are not here to pleased you! We are here because we need this job.
At the end of the day, it’s my performance that they’re gonna assest not yours.

3 Ways To Stay Calm At Work by Simon Reynolds

Workplace stress has never been higher.Blame it on ever shorter deadlines, the pace of a digitally enabled world, or the growing complexity of most industries. Whatever the reason, it’s never been tougher to stay calm at work and still excel.

Yet as the stress levels of executives continue to increase, so does the research on how to combat stress.

I’ve been studying workplace high performance for over 25 years, and as a business coach I mentor numerous executives and entrepreneurs in this area. I’ve found there are 3 very effective techniques you can use to remain calm at work, no matter how agitating your environment is.

Write down the type of person you wish to be. Not your career goals, just the kind of human being you aspire to become. Few people have ever done this, yet it can be incredibly inspiring and clarifying to do so. Be sure to include a sentence or two about remaining calm under pressure, being unattached, or perhaps staying optimistic in all circumstances.

Becoming this person should become your primary aim. Read the summary of the Ideal You every morning, think about it throughout the day, make it a constant part of you. The more you do this, the more you will begin to exhibit the same excellent character traits of this person. As the great Hollywood icon, Cary Grant once wrote, “I acted like Cary Grant for so long I became him.”

Discipline yourself to remain totally solution oriented, no matter how tough your circumstances may be. In my experience training many top business performers, one of the most important characteristics truly exemplary executives share is their intent on finding a solution, no matter what. When you examine workplace stress closely, you see that someone’s stress often rises the moment they switch from a solution focus to a problem focus.
To remain solution focused is hard work. To do so you need to make it a central part of your core self image. Once again, the more you choose to see yourself as a totally solution focused person, the more you will develop that quality. It should appear in your Ideal You vision and be addressed daily.

Now, once you have developed a clear vision of your ideal version of you (performing at a high level no matter how stressful your work becomes) then add to that a dedication to remaining solution focused at all times, you will find that your stress levels plummet. A strong sense of calmness and confidence will pervade your day .

But there’s one further strategy that used in unison with these will radically lift your well-being at work to an even higher level.

I’ve noticed a curious aspect of stress: Generally we lose our feeling of calm not because of one single event or situation that upsets us, but rather lots of little ones that over time build and develop into an overall feeling of overwhelm.
If that is the case with you, then there’s a very simple yet powerful solution. Eliminate the stressful thoughts before they have a chance to build up.

The best technique I know for doing this is what I call The Breath Release. Whenever you experience a stressful event – an irritating phone call, rude email or a meeting that doesn’t go your way, try doing the following exercise.
Think about that stressful situation. Take a slow, deep breath in and hold it. Then expel the air as you envision all that stress leaving you. Do this three times in a row and you’ll be stunned at how much your stress has been reduced.

You can (and should) do this technique several times during your work day, whenever you feel like you’ve lost your calm. It’s extraordinarily effective.

Each of those three techniques is a potent method of helping you stay calm at the office. But used together they will create in you a mental state that will remain serene, positive and productive no matter how many people around you are pulling their hair out in frustration.

You will be an island of calm in a sea of corporate angst. And you will also be the most effective person in the room.

(I do not own this article)