If Your Boss Is Unsatisfied

You cannot pleased everyone… that’s a fact!

We can never tell if those people in your work will like you or hate you.

But what if your boss doesn’t like you at all? How can you handle that situation?

Our superior have no choice sometimes but to work with you because the HR thaught that you are qualified for the job. But sometime insecurities and too much dominant comes in these boss of yours and they want to see you struggling in every task.

Is it because they see you as their competitor? Or they are thinking that you can do much better job than her so Mrs. Cruela Devil wants you out in the picture?

It doesn’t make sense when a superior doesn’t know how to appreciate others. Taking all the credit for herself if you did a great job. Then suddenly put you in a hot seat if something went wrong.

These type of people are alway unsatistied even you did a great job. But what keeps us to stay in our job despite of your inconsiderate boss always nagging you?

Your boss is so lucky to have you. Because you can understand her and you decided to stay with her all along.


I was there, but you didn’t know.

I was at your back when you need someone to assist you with your stuffs lying on the floor. You didn’t look at me or even say “thank you”.
I was polishing the floor when you walked in the hallway with a messy staletto. I smiled but you didn’t bother to look. I’m tired but it’s okay your my boss after all.
I was asked to give you the details of your task but you yelled at me. You said you are exhausted and no time for it. I said “sorry” but you sent me away. I’m hungry and my working hours is done but I do the favor that they ask as if it’s nothing for you.
Yesterday was my daughter’s 16th birthday. But you asked me to work untill mid night because of the VIP guest will arrive today and everything must be perfect. I finished the errands and when I went home, my daughter was lying on her bed.
I am your janitor, and I know my duties and responsibilities. I’m not asking too much from you guys but rather a little respect atleast. Maybe I’m not wearing an expensive working clothes or no idea on how to open a computer. But I’m still human. I need to stand for all of these every day. 
Maybe my work is not easy as you think. I need to finish my work as fast as I could to start another task. I’m not like you guys. But just like an ordinary employee, I have my rights. Please give me some time to prove myself that even this is the type of job that I have, Im still ra dignified man to work with.

I’m not here to compete with you.

In our work there are people who are displeased you because you are doing a spectacular performance in your job. They are thinking that you just want to be noticed by your boss.
Ofcourse we want to be noticed! We want to be complimented by our superior! Not because you wants promotion but rather you want to know if your best is enough to be recognize.
These people no matter how good in what we do, they always looking at it as a bad actions as if you are taking something from them.
Jelous people are those who doesn’t want you to get ahead. They want you to pull you down. There is no such team work in their blood stream. What they want is to see you miserable in front of your boss. They will not allow you to have the spotlight. For them, you are nothing. They are blinded people who wants attention.
But is it to hard for them to accept that everyone has a chance? They already have their chance but this time is your turn. Not everyone stays at the top. Sometimes you are at the bottom of the wheel and you need to go with the flow for you to turn this wheel and place your self at the top position.
Competition is normal in every working environment. But don’t use it as an excuse to drag anyone. We aren’t competing with you guys. If you think we’re not good enough then fine. We are not here to pleased you! We are here because we need this job.
At the end of the day, it’s my performance that they’re gonna assest not yours.

It Hurts! Forbidden Affair at work!

In our work, we are not allowed to have an affair with our officemate. According to the management, it may affects our production and relationship with each other.
Love is unpredicatable. It may come in a wrong time. We can never tell when it will strike. We are human and very vulnerable whennit comes to love.
Is it bad in our work to have an affair with each other? It may served as inspiration and self motivation towards work. It will gives us a reason to keep moving forward and to be successful to whatever that we want to achieve. It’s not bad after all!
Other people says that “what if you break up” what will happend? It may ruin your focus to your task because you are in pain. You feel depressed and you don’t want to see him/her again, so you decided not to work anymore? You can feel tensions when your ex is just few inch away from you? Yes, it may ruin your career!
I feel bad about this because we need to hide it from those judgemental eyes in our surroundings.
I feel being robbed by pulling out my rights to express my true feelings to my love.
We have to sacrifice our emotions to keep our job and I feel lost about it.
In the end we have to think each other’s situations. And I know one day if I am sitting on the top chair in our company, I can do something to amend this rules.

Just a piece of Acknowledgement

People judge other people base on what they think is right or wrong. This man’s nature always present in our society.

In our job, our role is to provide quality output for what they are asking. Most of the time, we invest a lot of time on how we pleased them, your boss ofcourse! But have you been acknowledge before? Did they give you any piece of token of appreciation?
This acknowledgement if very important. Because, it keeps us to move forward to get motivated in our work. In that way, it builds our confidence, self esteem and for us to feel that we are part of this environment.
We need this very badly!
Just a simple word of “Good Job” is enough for us. We need someone who knows how to appreciate a small thing that we do.

In this competitive world of business everything is temporary. Most of the time, people come and go. People should know how to appreciate other people. Because we never know if this person will stay with you up to the very end.