I was there, but you didn’t know.

I was at your back when you need someone to assist you with your stuffs lying on the floor. You didn’t look at me or even say “thank you”.
I was polishing the floor when you walked in the hallway with a messy staletto. I smiled but you didn’t bother to look. I’m tired but it’s okay your my boss after all.
I was asked to give you the details of your task but you yelled at me. You said you are exhausted and no time for it. I said “sorry” but you sent me away. I’m hungry and my working hours is done but I do the favor that they ask as if it’s nothing for you.
Yesterday was my daughter’s 16th birthday. But you asked me to work untill mid night because of the VIP guest will arrive today and everything must be perfect. I finished the errands and when I went home, my daughter was lying on her bed.
I am your janitor, and I know my duties and responsibilities. I’m not asking too much from you guys but rather a little respect atleast. Maybe I’m not wearing an expensive working clothes or no idea on how to open a computer. But I’m still human. I need to stand for all of these every day. 
Maybe my work is not easy as you think. I need to finish my work as fast as I could to start another task. I’m not like you guys. But just like an ordinary employee, I have my rights. Please give me some time to prove myself that even this is the type of job that I have, Im still ra dignified man to work with.


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